Refrigeration Doors

Designed for backroom grocery, food service, pharmaceutical, clean rooms and cold storage!

Whether your application calls for a small format door designed for foot and pallet-jack traffic or a larger cold storage opening for forklifts, RollSeal has a specifically designed door to fit your needs. In any refrigerated application, the integrity of your door’s seal is of vital importance for both energy efficiency and temperature consistency.

The patented air-tight sealing system of the RollSeal Door provides maximum environmental containment over the life of the door. Combine this with the automatic closure features of the RollSeal Door to eliminate unwanted air infiltration and door opening events.

It’s easy to see why the RollSeal Door is quickly becoming the preferred solution for environmental separation applications ranging from backroom grocery, food processing, food service, pharmaceutical, clean rooms and cold storage warehouses.

If you are looking to create a more energy efficient operation with increased productivity, faster product turns, no cool down cycles and less down-times; while at the same time providing a safer work environment for your associates, then you need to look into retro-fitting to a RollSeal Industrial Finishing Door solution.

We can custom design a door to meet your specific needs, dimensions and custom requests.

Refrigeration Applications Include:

• Grocery Stores
• C‐Stores
• Foodservice

• Grocery Stores
• C‐Stores
• Foodservice

• Warehouses
• Food Processing
• Distribution

• Clean Rooms
• Pharmaceutical
• Manufacturing

• Grocery Stores
• Distribution
• Partition


• Patented Technology
• Impact Resistant 
• Reduces Operational Footprint
• New Construction or Retro-Fit


• 3-Layers of Fabric Creating Space
Between Environments.
• Continuous Seals on Both Sides of Door, Front and Back Panels.


Custom Sizes
Custom sizes up to 24′ x 24′

Custom Speeds
Custom speeds up to 48” per second


STEP 1 – Placement
STEP 2 – Stand Up & Mount
STEP 3 – Electrical
Ready to Use!

Over the years, RollSeal has developed a diverse line of products that utilize our patented sealing technology. These products have ranged from roll-up fabric doors, to roll-up shutters to rolling sidewall systems. We specialize in making custom solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of markets and applications and would love to be a part of the design phase of your next project.